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Your unique ceremony begins with us getting to know each other. An initial phone call will help you decide if I’m the celebrant for you two and after a quick check of your wedding date to make sure I’m available, we make a plan to meet.

During our first meeting I’m going to ask questions about you both, and begin to understand why you want to get married, and what type of ceremony you’re interested in.

Meeting face to face needs to happen at least 31 days before your planned ceremony so I can cover off the necessary legal paperwork. During this meeting I’ll need to sight your passports and original birth certificates.

If you’re from overseas or interstate there are ways around sighting of documents which I can explain should this apply to you and your situation.


After we’ve met and talked through all the usual and unusual questions, I’ll craft a unique and special ceremony for you to review. Together we’ll work on it until it’s perfect for your special day.


If possible, it’s great to rehearse the ceremony at the wedding venue. Everyone from your wedding party and anyone else with a role in the ceremony should be present, if they’re available. It’s always great to run through the ceremony and organise cues for musicians or guests playing a role in the event.


I’ll arrive 30 minutes before the wedding and set up the PA, making sure everything is just right for your ceremony. Once you both arrive I’ll check to make sure you’re ready to begin. First steps are to welcome the guests and then get your ceremony started. Afterwards, I’ll make sure you’re happy with how things went and take care of your paperwork.


After the ceremony, I’ll send all of your paperwork to the appropriate Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and your marriage will be officially registered.

A few weeks after the ceremony you will receive your official certificate in the post.